Suspicion Machines

Unprecedented experiment on welfare surveillance algorithm reveals discrimination

War profiteers

How an Estonian arms broker pocketed millions at Ukraine’s expense

Detained below deck

Asylum seekers held in secret cells on ferries between Greece and Italy

Europe’s Black Sites

Refugees arbitrarily detained, tortured at secret facilities in EU

Shot for Seeking Asylum

First video of live ammunition being used against asylum seekers in EU

The Left Behind

Tracing fate of Afghans who assisted the UK’ after fall of Kabul

Flight of the Predator

Private jet reveals business spyware web of Israeli tycoon from EU to Africa

Tracking QAnon in Europe

Lighthouse and Bellingcat in data-driven investigation into viral conspiracy

Big Meat

How Europe’s biggest meat companies avoid tax while raking in subsidies

“We were slaves”

Greece uses asylum seekers to forcibly return migrants to Turkey

The Hunger Profiteers

Financial speculators make a killing on food prices in regulatory failure

Ukraine Exodus

Damaging double standards undermines Europe’s response to Ukraine refugees

Europe’s Black Seas

Disastrous discharge of oily wastewater continues despite monitoring

Moria: After the Fire

Year in the life of survivors of blaze that destroyed EU’s largest refugee camp

Recycling Lies

Plastics labyrinth allows traders to illegally ship Europe’s waste

Invisible Workers

Modern slavery conditions for migrant workers on EU’s farms at height of pandemic

Masked men

Clandestine state forces behind most violent pushbacks, according to new evidence

Cast Adrift

Greek coast guard intercepts asylum seekers, abandons them on life rafts

Torment in Turkey

Asylum seekers funneled to EU border are pawns in power game

Returns to Harm

Europe costly, inhumane and malfunctioning deportation machine

Shadow Population

Why Europe has stopped counting its undocumented population

Belgian Arms

Belgium sells air power to Saudis and ‘cop killer’ guns Mexico cartels