The Surveillance Newsroom tackles present tense investigations into the rise of surveillance technology. It tackles the complexity of emerging technologies, their adoption by state and supranational actors and questions the push to render people as data. Much reporting casts this technology in a dystopic near future, this newsroom illuminates this datafication and its implications for human rights now.

France’s Digital Inquisition

Taking apart the secretive fraud detection algorithm that scores half of France’s population but pursues the most vulnerable.

Ghost in the network

How a Swiss tech expert runs a global phone surveillance system

Ethnic Profiling

Whistleblower reveals Netherlands’ use of secret and potentially illegal algorithm to score visa applicants

Spain’s AI Doctor

Unpublished documents and inside sources give rare look into secretive AI system used to decide who is shirking work

Suspicion Machines

Unprecedented experiment on welfare surveillance algorithm reveals discrimination

Flight of the Predator

Private jet reveals business spyware web of Israeli tycoon from EU to Africa