The Borders newsroom uses collaborative journalism to report on human rights abuses at the world’s borders and hold the powerful to account. It detects and decodes disinformation and empowers investigative journalism in a hostile context. It digs up the evidence needed for a public debate on challenges to fundamental rights and the rule of law.

Detained below deck

Asylum seekers held in secret cells on ferries between Greece and Italy

Europe’s Black Sites

Refugees arbitrarily detained, tortured at secret facilities in EU

Shot for Seeking Asylum

First video of live ammunition being used against asylum seekers in EU

“We were slaves”

Greece uses asylum seekers to forcibly return migrants to Turkey

Moria: After the Fire

Year in the life of survivors of blaze that destroyed EU’s largest refugee camp

Masked men

Clandestine state forces behind most violent pushbacks, according to new evidence

Cast Adrift

Greek coast guard intercepts asylum seekers, abandons them on life rafts

Torment in Turkey

Asylum seekers funneled to EU border are pawns in power game