The Food Systems Newsroom investigates the major players, crucial dynamics and trends shaping our farms, lives and environment. It works to cut across silos like animal welfare; the environmental lobby; public health; migrant rights and unpack real-world harms in ways that are relatable to the public and move beyond shaming consumers to illuminate systems.

Animal welfare wrecked

How an increasingly assertive meat industry helped derail a historic democratic demand to improve animal welfare standards in the EU

Europe’s Potemkin Lobby

Europe’s Potemkin Lobby

Powerful European farming lobby Copa-Cogeca is losing legitimacy even as it stymies the EU’s green agenda and hoovers up public funds

Toxic Rain

Hazardous and potential cancer-causing pesticides are being sprayed over farms supplying Nestlé and Coca-Cola

Big Meat

How Europe’s biggest meat companies avoid tax while raking in subsidies

The Hunger Profiteers

Financial speculators make a killing on food prices in regulatory failure

Invisible Workers

Modern slavery conditions for migrant workers on EU’s farms at height of pandemic