'No name' graves in Bijeljina cemetery, Bosnia

Europe’s Nameless Dead

As more people try to reach Western Europe through the Balkans, taking increasingly dangerous routes to evade border police, many are dying without a trace

Abandoned Afghan Commandos

Dozens of Afghans who served in special forces units funded and trained by the UK have been murdered or tortured by the Taliban

Animal welfare wrecked

How an increasingly assertive meat industry helped derail a historic democratic demand to improve animal welfare standards in the EU

Waste collectors sift through trash in Ward 11. Rachel Moon. July 2023

The West’s Next Plastics Dump

As Southeast Asia bans plastic waste imports, rich countries are offloading their plastic waste in even more vulnerable places – where citizens are too afraid to say no.

Left for Dead

Afghans who worked for Dutch-funded NGOs were told they’d be evacuated to safety, but a shift in policy left them to face the wrath of the Taliban – with consequences that have proven deadly

Syrian Women on the Run

Denmark’s threats to send refugees back to Syria has disproportionately affected women – including some who fled abusive partners


Backlight: Drowning in Lies

Deep dive into the investigation behind “Drowning in Lies” and the follow up, “Smuggler Warlord, EU Ally”

Backlight: Europe’s Potemkin Lobby

Behind the scenes of Europe’s biggest and most powerful farming lobby group, Copa-Cogeca with lead Food systems reporter, Thin Lei Win and editor, Lionel Faull.


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