The QAnon Recipe

Analysis of 100mn conspiracy posts on social media reveals the key ingredients of virality by tracing the mainstream emergence of a climate denial theory

False Promise of Biometrics

Three-country investigation shows digital IDs in Africa failing to deliver promised democratic and development boost, while making fortunes for tech vendors

Afghan War Profiteers

Before the fall of Kabul, billions of dollars were sunk into a failing Western intervention. New records reveal the Afghan contractors who profited and the millions they stashed in Dubai property.

ORTE, ITALY - FEBRUARY 3: Farmers with their tractors gather near the A1 highway to protest against EU agriculture policies, on February 3, 2024 in Orte, Italy. Farmers and agricultural workers are holding protests across Europe and various part of Italy to protest against EU agriculture policies.

Farmers Protest, Who Gains?

Angry farmers seized the political agenda across Europe but how many of their actual demands reached the negotiating table? We profile the power brokers who turned protests to their advantage

Desert Dumps

Europe supports, finances and is directly involved in clandestine operations in North African countries to dump tens of thousands of Black people in the desert or remote areas each year to prevent them from coming to the EU.

Brain waste

Analysis of data previously unavailable to journalists reveals exclusion of skilled migrants from the jobs Europe most needs to fill to prevent economic decline


QAnon Methodology

How we analyzed millions of Telegram posts to discover the secret recipe for making climate change conspiracy theories go viral in the world of European QAnon

Brain Waste Methodology

How we investigated the scale of brain waste, who is most affected, its causes, costs, and potential solutions


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